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"Awesome book Jenn! My son has autism (though much less severe than Phill) and it's great to see supportive, educational fun and understanding books like this. Thank you  [❤] ️
Lovely illustrations, line work and texturing too by the way"
                                     - Rowan Dodd

"I think It's fantastic what you are doing...New Generation of creators are Teachers. We have a duty to expand creativity and teach. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

                                   - Brain Machine

"As a mother who has fought the fight and continues...little & big break throughs to provide education and awareness to the greater good of Autism Awareness makes my heart smile!"

- Nicole Lyn Quackenbush-Remsburg

"Being a parent or two children with autism, I sincerely thank you for your dedication and passion."

​                      - Jon Mayer, MEd, BCBA

"I thank and commend you for such amazing dedication and hard work."

​                           - Amaro Lionheart

"Thanks for your positive work for people that need it."    - John Goode

"Congrats on your important and thoughtful comic book. Cheers!"

​                                 - Bob Russell